Book Review: Girl of Myth and Legend (The Chosen Saga #1) by Giselle Simlett

26722146Title: Girl of Myth and Legend (The Chosen Saga #1)

Author: Giselle Simlett

Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Description: A girl with a past she tries to forget, and a future she can’t even imagine. []

                          Rating: ★

Disclaimer: Review contains spoilers

I would like to thank NetGally, WWS Publishing Limited, and author Giselle Simlett for my Arc of GIRL OF MYTH AND LEGEND in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Oh my god. What can I say? I think I just found my next favourite series. I loved this so much. I found it really hard to put down. For someone who reads a lot of Fantasy novels I’ve never actually read one where there are different realms (bizarre I know) and it was so refreshing to do so.

This novel is like all of my favourite things in other novels combined into one. There’s so many cliches in this novel but they are the ones I love, no adore in fantasy novels. Girl doesn’t know about her heartache? CHECK. Soul-binding? CHECK. Possible forbidden love story? CHECK. Possible enemies to friends to lovers? CHECK.

I’ve seen a few reviews that state the dislike of main character Leonie Woodville and I must say I adore her. I love how she’s not afraid to say how she feels about something. She’s not someone who will tell someone something lightly she will tell them how it is plain and simple. She has such a strong and confident front that many may not realise this secret pain hidden inside her because she wants to forget it. This persona she has taken on and become comfortable with is her way of dealing, or rather not dealing, with such a tragic event in her past. And when I finally found out what happened I gasped very loudly (it was like 2am when I was reading it and realised that maybe I shouldn’t have gasped so loudly).

I love that the novel is split into two points of view. The main female protagonist (Leonie) and the main male, I don’t really know how to describe him yet because I don’t think he’s a protagonist but I don’t see him as an antagonist either, character (Korren). The two characters are so different that the minute they met I was already shipping them because damn I’m a sucker for those relationships where they start out as enemies and in their case they do, what would their ship name be? Leorren? Kornie? I think I prefer Leorren over Kornie, or rather Korren definitely has some hate brewing for Leonie.

I fell in love with this new world the minute both Leonie and the audience got to meet it. Leonie grew up in the human realm not knowing of who or what she is. And what she doesn’t realise is she’s going to have one of the biggest responsibilities that someone could have. She is a Pulsar. The only one left in fact. And when she finds out about this she literally explodes in the middle of the street.

I think this novel is great how this series explores the racism between Chosen and Kystaen. Chosen see Kystaen as a lesser species even though, in my opinion, the Kystaen are stronger and the reason which most Chosen are alive. A long time ago the Chosen decided that the bond in which a Chosen and Kystaen could have (soul-binding) would make the Kystaen their slave and so they begun treating them horribly. Kystaen are a beast like species, immortal, who have both a human and beast form. I think the Chosen are scared of them that is why they are so racist towards them. But because of Leonie’s upbringing in the Human Realm she sees Korren differently, she sees him as someone who could help her, an ally, and a friend. Which to the Chosen is bizarre and not normal especially for a Pulsar who previously have been emotionless, using the Kystaen as shields not caring for their well being. And it’s because of her upbringing that I think Leonie will become the best Pulsar there has ever been. The last Kystaen and the last Pulsar against the world. If that isn’t the start of an epic love story I don’t know what is.

I definitely cannot wait for the next one!!


Book Review: Silence (Silence #1) by Natasha Preston

51jk8nw98yl-_sx307_bo1204203200_Title: Silence (Silence #1)

Author: Natasha Preston

Genre: Young Adult / Romance / Contemporary

Description: For eleven years, Oakley Farrell has been silent. At the age of five, she stopped talking, and no one seems to know why. Refusing to communicate beyond a few physical actions, Oakley remains in her own little world. []

                          Rating: ★

Disclaimer: Review contains spoilers

What really drew me to this novel was the blurb description I was so intrigued with how and why a young girl would stop talking. I officially started reading this a year or so ago on my iPad but due to the lighting on my iPad I found it difficult to concentrate on ebooks without getting headaches. But since I’ve invested in a Kindle I decided it was finally time to finish this novel (starting back at the beginning).

If I’m being honest I felt like I reading this for the sake of reading it mainly because I wanted to know what had happened to Oakley. Throughout the novel she gives us a few hints here and there when certain moments trigger her memories. I thought I had figured out what happened to her I knew her dad was involved somehow, and in that retrospect I was right.

The romance was so cliché it got a bit annoying at points. Them being together but not together officially was annoying. Like damn make your minds up already. It was very obvious from the get go that they were going to get together at some point during this novel. And spoiler alert they did. The romance was okay but like to be honest the sex and the amount of lovey doveyness was unnecessary at points. I started to get the vibe that Oakley was using Cole as an escape for whatever had happened to her in the past.

I think I had been at least all of the characters, minus the dad, whilst reading this novel. I had been Cole when Oakley’s mum was trying to get Oakley to talk, I had been Oakley’s mum when it got to the point that her being silent and not revealing anything got annoying. At points I think I was Oakley in a way that certain things in life have made me go silent (obviously not as bad as her situation). I think the thing that annoyed me the most was the fact that she didn’t text back. Like I understood why because Cole would ask her questions about her not talking but like you can always just ignore that text right?

I definitely think Oakley’s mum could have been better at dealing with Oakley’s silence I know she was just trying to be the best mother she could be and try and help her daughter but everything she was doing was trying to “fix” her daughter. What if Oakley didn’t want to speak again? What if Oakley was generally happy with the way she lived now? I’m guessing she was doing what any parent would do (unlike her father).

There were moments in the book where I noticed the sentences didn’t make sense, like the editing was poorly done. I had to read over quite a few sentences and figure out what exactly it should’ve said, which I think is really bad on the editors behalf.

The reveal doesn’t happen until pretty much near the end of the novel. But when it does this book starts to become what I wanted it to be at the beginning. I couldn’t put it down until the last page. The minute her dad asked Oakley to go on a trip I knew that it wasn’t going to end well. I definitely predicted that she was going to phone Cole but the way everything came out wasn’t how I expected or predicted. And I’m so disgusted with Oakley’s father and I really hope he goes to prison for what he allowed to happen.

What did confuse me was how much she talked after everything was out in the open I would’ve thought it would have taken her longer to adjust back to speaking and getting used to her own voice again. She’s been mute for what eleven years? I think Oakley should have gradually got back into her speaking rather than have it so full on. I know it was necessary for her to talk to the Police as well as tell her family, and Cole what had happened when she was younger but I think after that someone who had just revealed so much personal stuff would close back in on themselves before they can truly begin expressing themselves again.

For someone who didn’t really enjoy the romance I was bawling at the end of this novel. Cole had been there for Oakley thick and thin and he didn’t try to change her. Yet, I know she had to because if it was me I definitely couldn’t live in that house either, she just dropped him like he was nothing. They had a sad goodbye but she was more eager to get out of the country than say a proper meaningful long goodbye to her boyfriend who waited for her, loved her, and will probably even wait for her.

I’m honestly torn about reading the next novel or not, mainly because I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for this one. But I also want to find out what happens in the Trial and if Cole and Oakley ever get back together or even see each other again. Plus I want to see more of Oakley getting back to a new normal.

Book Review: The Sign of One by Eugene Lambert

28669945Title: The Sign of One

Author: Eugene Lambert

Genre: Young Adult / Dystopian / Sci-Fi

Description: ONE FOR SORROW, TWO MEANS DEATH. In the Barrenlands of Wrath, no one dies of old age. Kyle is used to its harsh laws, but the cold-blooded separation of identical twins and execution of the ‘evil twists’ at the Annual Peace Fair shocks him. []

                                Rating: ★

Disclaimer: Review contains spoilers

I would like to thank NetGally, Egmont Publishing, and author Eugene Lambert for my Arc of THE SIGN OF ONE in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

The cover is what drew me to this book it was so simple yet effective that I found myself drawn to why the little finger seemed to be cut off and was half another colour. As soon as I read the description I was sold.

I can honestly say that I have never read anything like this, I’ve read a lot of dystopian novels as it’s one of my favourite genres but this one is so unique and I found myself wanting to keep reading more. It’s been a while since I read a novel with a male protagonist so it was such a nice change.

The Sign of One follows a young man named Kyle who lives in the world where being a twin is both a curse or a blessing depending on which twin you are and how you see the world. In this world one twin is a Pureblood/Indent and the other is a Twist/Nublood. A Nublood (Twist is rather like a slur) is someone who basically is a vampire without the fangs and undead part. They have faster healing, strength, abilities etc and it’s because of this that they are seen as the Evil of the world. Mainly because of the man called The Savior. Now what The Savior decided to do was just totally disgusting and I am still quite shocked to get rid of these “Twists” they would have an annual hanging where they would call up twins cut them and the ones that healed the fastest was branded the Twist. The Twist would then have their little finger cut off before being hanged (or so we thought more on that later). And the Sign of One was created. To prove that you were a Pureblood you would raise your little finger because someone who is a “Twist” would no longer have their little finger, and would wound up dead. Well that was until Kyle came along.

What I really loved about this novel is the main female lead, who kickass and is a badass, is disabled. Yet she doesn’t let that stop her. Sky, who is an Indent/twin, comes to the rescue when it’s discovered that Kyle turns out to be a Twist, when he’s almost left for dead. It’s then that Kyle realises that he and Sky have a lot in common, a lost twin and a cause that they want to fight for. That is stopping The Savior and saving the Nubloods that, turns out, weren’t being hung when they thought they were.

I love the fact that both Kyle and Sky were put in situations where they had to become stronger than they actually were and put themselves in difficult situations. I’m glad that in the end Kyle decided to side with the Gemini and help the rest of the Nubloods even after he went to The Answerman. (Also that’s another thing I loved, the names that were created for certain characters).

As I got nearer to the end I found that I couldn’t put this novel down I wanted to know if Kyle was going to be safe, if he was going to be reunited with everyone. I had to know if The Savior was going to get away with the horrid things he’d done for what he believed was the safety of the world.

I’m assuming that there is going to be a next one because I really really really want Sky and Kyle to find Tarn (Sky’s twin sister) plus it will be so great to read their adventures together and see them as a badass duo team.