AroSpecAwarenessWeek: Day 3 – Appreciation

Tuesday, February 21: Write about the things you love about your identity. If you’re struggling to love your identity, what are the things about the aromantic spectrum that resonate with you? How has finding the community helped figure out who you are? Feel free to post as many positive aromantic self-love posts as you see fit.

I can honestly say that I 100% love my identity as a whole, I may not know exactly where I fall on the aromantic spectrum but honestly it really doesn’t bother me because I just resonate with the term aromantic so much.

What I love most about my aro identity is how as I’ve become to accept myself and my boundaries I’ve become stronger and I’ve learned to value my platonic relationships so much more. I’ve learned to trust my friends and love them and show them that they are important to me, as someone would if they were in a romantic relationship. I’ve been able to understand that platonic relationships aren’t any less than romantic relationships like I’d been previously told.

Finding the aromantic community has been one of the highlights in my life because, as I’ve said previously, I’d always questioned romantic attraction even before I knew that sexual and romantic attraction can be and are two different things. And discovering the aro community has helped a lot in me accepting who I am. Because I’m not alone, that there’s other people like me and that it’s okay to be this way. The people I’ve talked to within the aro community are so loving and accepting and they’ve shown me that no matter what happens they’ll always be there.

I know non aromantic people won’t understand where I’m coming from, but that’s why I’m here to understand. I love being aromantic. Being aromantic was one of the first things I discovered about myself and truly begun to love about myself. It helped me learn to love myself and appreciate who I am as a person. Discovering my aro identity has helped me discover what my boundaries are in both platonic and romantic relationships. Where as before I knew I was aromantic I never really had any boundaries, I didn’t put myself first, and I just thought that I would learn to accept and be comfortable with things that I know now that I won’t ever be,

Being aro has allowed me to look at the world in a better way for myself, and I truly love the person I am today because of it. Of course there are times when I don’t feel this way (like when I found out Riverdale was erasing Jughead’s aromanticism) but most of the time I’m truly content with my aromanticism, and if you can’t understand that I have no time for you.


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