Book Review: Girl of Myth and Legend (The Chosen Saga #1) by Giselle Simlett

26722146Title: Girl of Myth and Legend (The Chosen Saga #1)

Author: Giselle Simlett

Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Description: A girl with a past she tries to forget, and a future she can’t even imagine. []

                          Rating: ★

Disclaimer: Review contains spoilers

I would like to thank NetGally, WWS Publishing Limited, and author Giselle Simlett for my Arc of GIRL OF MYTH AND LEGEND in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Oh my god. What can I say? I think I just found my next favourite series. I loved this so much. I found it really hard to put down. For someone who reads a lot of Fantasy novels I’ve never actually read one where there are different realms (bizarre I know) and it was so refreshing to do so.

This novel is like all of my favourite things in other novels combined into one. There’s so many cliches in this novel but they are the ones I love, no adore in fantasy novels. Girl doesn’t know about her heartache? CHECK. Soul-binding? CHECK. Possible forbidden love story? CHECK. Possible enemies to friends to lovers? CHECK.

I’ve seen a few reviews that state the dislike of main character Leonie Woodville and I must say I adore her. I love how she’s not afraid to say how she feels about something. She’s not someone who will tell someone something lightly she will tell them how it is plain and simple. She has such a strong and confident front that many may not realise this secret pain hidden inside her because she wants to forget it. This persona she has taken on and become comfortable with is her way of dealing, or rather not dealing, with such a tragic event in her past. And when I finally found out what happened I gasped very loudly (it was like 2am when I was reading it and realised that maybe I shouldn’t have gasped so loudly).

I love that the novel is split into two points of view. The main female protagonist (Leonie) and the main male, I don’t really know how to describe him yet because I don’t think he’s a protagonist but I don’t see him as an antagonist either, character (Korren). The two characters are so different that the minute they met I was already shipping them because damn I’m a sucker for those relationships where they start out as enemies and in their case they do, what would their ship name be? Leorren? Kornie? I think I prefer Leorren over Kornie, or rather Korren definitely has some hate brewing for Leonie.

I fell in love with this new world the minute both Leonie and the audience got to meet it. Leonie grew up in the human realm not knowing of who or what she is. And what she doesn’t realise is she’s going to have one of the biggest responsibilities that someone could have. She is a Pulsar. The only one left in fact. And when she finds out about this she literally explodes in the middle of the street.

I think this novel is great how this series explores the racism between Chosen and Kystaen. Chosen see Kystaen as a lesser species even though, in my opinion, the Kystaen are stronger and the reason which most Chosen are alive. A long time ago the Chosen decided that the bond in which a Chosen and Kystaen could have (soul-binding) would make the Kystaen their slave and so they begun treating them horribly. Kystaen are a beast like species, immortal, who have both a human and beast form. I think the Chosen are scared of them that is why they are so racist towards them. But because of Leonie’s upbringing in the Human Realm she sees Korren differently, she sees him as someone who could help her, an ally, and a friend. Which to the Chosen is bizarre and not normal especially for a Pulsar who previously have been emotionless, using the Kystaen as shields not caring for their well being. And it’s because of her upbringing that I think Leonie will become the best Pulsar there has ever been. The last Kystaen and the last Pulsar against the world. If that isn’t the start of an epic love story I don’t know what is.

I definitely cannot wait for the next one!!